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Customer Testimonials For Website Evaluations and Appraisals

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"I highly recommend The analysis of our site from an outside perspective proved to be worth many times the amount it cost.
Once we implemented the recommended changes, we saw an increase on our site conversion rates almost instantly."
Tom Fanelli, V.P. Sales and Marketing, Coastal Computer Corporation

"It's amazing what a fresh set of eyes can find for improvement. We'll be implementing many of your ideas. I'll definitely suggest/recommend you in the future!"
Eric Itzkowitz, Marketing Manager,

"Excellent appraisal; if I need one for my other sites, I'll get it here. If you asked me whether a merchant should get an appraisal from, I'd say "Do it!"
Art Munson, Cassette House

"Effective websites are developed over time with a combination of art and science. TheSiteDoctor supplies some of both. It is important to get outside viewpoints and analysis (avoid web myopia). Professional, fast, thorough."
R.G., ThumbNail Media Planner

"Your approach was professional and I appreciate you 'laying it all out' the way you did. I would recomend your appraisal service to anyone wanting a professional, realistic appraisal of their website."
John Brewer, Owner, Biblical Impressions 
The Sausage Maker "I received a quick e-mail response to my query into the company and the report that I ordered came in the time estimated.
I would recommend to anyone looking for an experienced opinion, prompt response, reasonable costs, and a well organized and explained analysis."

Jarek Pulit, Graphic Designer and Web Administrator
The Sausage Maker, Inc.
Buildeazy logo "It was more thorough than I expected. It is value for money and it is good to have an indepth appraisal by an independent party."
Les Kenny, Owner,
ChurchStaffing Logo " definitely provided a great service. We were able to get objective input, make creative changes, and improve our website dramatically as a result of using this service."
T.R., Owner,
"Your appraisal of my URL & Site is extremely thorough. I didn’t expect the amount of work that was done. The appraisal is a bargain. If you are in the market for an accurate evaluation and appraisal of your web site and URL, the Site Doctor has shown me that he has the qualifications and techniques to produce a quality product."
Rocky Rocchio, Owner, Frio Fun
Oxford Program "A very professional service run by a very knowledgeable person who really cares about making a difference for their clients!"
Steve Bohler, Owner
The Oxford Program of Career Change
"I would recommend Very professional and the results are well documented."
David Spanka,Owner, The Golf Zone "The [Usability report and Competitive Analysis] were comprehensive and thoughtfully prepared. They provided a much-needed objective evaluation of our site by a third party not involved in the site's creation or maintenance."
Tom Payne, Director of Internet Development
Hulman and Co.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama "The site review was very worthwhile and we've changed some things already based on it."
Lorrie Greer, Internet Communications Manager
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
Insurance Quest

"I thought the appraisal was both detailed and fair. The service was outstanding, and I would recommend you to anyone needing such a service."
Corey Pulver, Owner, InsuranceQuest, LLC

Yosh Technologies

"The report [website appraisal for the client site] was much more thorough than I anticipated and fully met all my expectations. I was very pleased [you asked] the questions you needed to ask so you could evaluate all the elements...some elements I hadn't even thought about bringing to your attention."
Yoshua Schulman, Yosh Technologies

" was smart, professional, and prompt with a fresh eye on a number of things that I couldn't see that are critical for me on my site."
Colleen Hitchcock, Writer


"Thank you for your participation in the 2002 Small Firms Conference and Exhibit in Dallas, TX. Your Technology Roundtable presentation received an overall rating of 3.83 out of 4.0... I look forward to working with you in the future."
Robert F. Gannon, Vice President and Director
Management Services

"I'm very impressed with your evaluation, and have gone over it several times, and have sent it on to my web host. He also finds it to be very professionally done with many valid suggestions ...
Thanks again for your excellent work"
Stu Nichols, Owner, Gold 'n' Egg logo

"Your appraisal of our website made a very favorable impression on our investors. I appreciated the review of the format by your accountant."
Jim Budd, Equity Research, Inc.

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"If I had known about your service at the time when we started the project we could have saved a lot of time and money.
The report exceeded my expectations
Yuksel Manalp, Barons Credit Services International


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