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Website Evaluation Benefits

It's unfortunate, but true - most business owners are not achieving their goals on the Internet. You have questions that require an objective answer - not just the response of a website designer trying to sell you expensive services:

  • Could my website convert more visitors to customers? Gather more sales leads?
  • Design firms want thousands of dollars to work on my site - is it worth spending money to change my site?
  • Can I improve my search engine rank - and get more free click-throughs?
  • Are my competitors doing it better than I am?

A Usable Website Will Return More on Your Investment

A usable site gives visitors a great experience of your company and your brand - before they buy, before they see a product, before they talk with you on the phone.

More visitors will click through to your interior selling pages
A usable site makes sure that visitors find the links they want, giving you more chances make them customers.

Visitors will read more pages
A usable site is easy on customers, using known rules-of-thumb to reduce fatigue (caused by the difficulty of reading online). Visitors will be exposed to your brand images and products for a longer period; more of them will become customers.

Studies show: visitors are more likely to return to sites that are easy to use
A usable site sets itself (and your company!) apart from your typical competitor site, by actually being a pleasure to use! Repeat visitors results in more customers.

More sales leads are generated
A usable site has forms that are optimized for the web, making it easy for visitors to contact you. More sales leads means more money from your site.

More people will complete a sale - giving you their money
A usable site has a set of shopping cart pages that use every known web best practice, making buying a snap and reducing the number of "abandoned shopping carts."

And how do you know if you have a usable website?

Get an Expert Evaluation!

Have your site tested by a website usability and e-business professional - get a Website Evaluation from Using our own proprietary toolset, and our e-business expertise, we will test your home page and major pages against hundreds of web usability best practices and rules-of-thumb that will

  • Improve the conversion rate on your site by showing you where your customers are leaving (and why),
  • Identify lost or mishandled business opportunities,
  • Improve your search engine standing by structuring your pages properly,
  • Learn from your competitors, and get an objective assessment of how your site stacks up to the competition.

This easy-to-understand report gives you the following information for every one of the problems we find on your home page and major site pages:

  • Recommendation - what to do about the problem
  • Severity (how bad it is for the customer)
  • Difficulty (how hard it is for you to fix)
  • Background information to help you understand the problem
  • Business case for addressing the problem.


Our guarantee: if you truly believe that your report did not provide you with fair value, you will not be charged.


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