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Website Conversion Rate Improvement

The Website Conversion Rate Improvement report from is aimed specifically at business owners who are concerned about their website's inability to convert visitors to customers. This report is a complete check of the most likely "points-of-failure" on your site.

This report can be completed in five (5) business days. If you feel that your site does not convert enough visitors to customers, find out why - get an objective analysis of how your site fails AND how it can do better.

  "Once we implemented the recommended changes, we saw an increase on our site conversion rates almost instantly."
Tom Fanelli, Coastal Computer Corp.

A typical Website Conversion Rate Analysis is from 20-30 pages in length; it covers the home page, navigation page, typical product pages, and your purchase procedure (shopping cart). Hundreds of specific problems with your site are checked with our toolset, but our years of experience in site design and Internet business practice are also applied.

The report is specifically geared to uncover improvements that could be made immediately without a complete redesign of your site. If it is your intent to redo your site, let us know; we design our reports to meet your requirements.

The Website Evaluation Process

Once you have made your purchase:

  • You will receive an acknowledgement from us; we will take a look at your site and see what is required for the report.
  • Once we have determined your needs, you will be sent a short list (5-10) of questions to help us prepare the report.
  • When we have read through your answers, we will contact you by phone (if possible) to clarify any questions you have, and to make sure we understand your situation.
  • The report will be completed within 5 business days; a copy of the report will be sent to you by email. Also, copies of the report will be provided in a secure area of the website for pickup.
  • After you have read through the report, we will talk with you by phone and answer any questions you might have.
  • Payment is requested once you have received your report.

Website Conversion Rate Analysis Report
Table of Contents

Section I: Executive Summary

  • Overall impression of site
  • Site Audience Description
  • Strengths and Best Practices Seen
  • Most serious problems seen

Section II: Purchase Process Analysis

  • Page-by-page analysis of how customers move through your site; points of failure identified
  • Different paths through your site are included
  • Purchase pages (shopping cart)

Section III: Usability Testing Summaries

  • Homepage Usability and Layout
  • Navigation pages
  • Product pages
  • Purchase pages (shopping cart)

Section IV: Usability Testing Details

  • Every serious problem found on your site is completely described in layman's language
  • A business case is made for solving the problem
  • The severity of the problem is rated (how bad it is for the customer)
  • How hard it is to solve the problem is rated (will it be expensive to fix?)

Cost: $395 [ Buy it ]

This is not an automated report; We will go to your site and apply our experience to helping you convert more visitors to customers. All Website Conversion Rate Analyses are covered by our Website Challenge and our guarantee.

Be sure to note these features:

Every report includes a telephone consultation, after-sale support and a guarantee
Easy-to-understand details about each problem - and how to solve it
Clear business case made for each problem; problems rated for cost and severity

Years of personal experience result in creative solutions, not just a problem list

Website reviews are our only product and the sole focus of our company
Our business website evaluations are objective - not just a "come-on" for costly repairs.

Are you already working with a web designer? Ask them if they have a usability professional on staff; if they don't, you should ask them to work with us to make sure your site meets known website usability and e-business best practices. We work with designers routinely.


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