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Search Engine Optimization Report

The Search Engine Optimization Report from is aimed at business owners who depend upon traffic from search engines for their business to succeed. Get the search engine rank your site deserves.

This report can be completed in five (5) business days. If you feel that your site does not get the fair share of search engine traffic it deserves, find out why - get an objective analysis of how your site fails AND how it can do better.

  "...comprehensive and thoughtfully prepared ... a much-needed objective evaluation of our site..."
Tom Payne, Director of Internet Development
Hulman and Co.

A typical Search Engine Optimization Report is from 15-30 pages in length; it covers every essential page on your site. The goal of this report is to improve your website so that it gets the search engine rank it deserves for the keywords that are important for you. We also provide suggestions to help you increase the number of keywords for which you can reasonably be found.

This is a rational approach to SEO; we seek to help you find the way to get your site the best rankings it can, over the long term. The goal is to help you set your site search engine optimization factors once, and then you're done. If you want to pay every month for the best "tweaks" that work in that month, this is not the program for you.

The Search Engine Optimization Process

Once you have made your purchase:

  • You will receive an acknowledgement from us; we will take a look at your site and make a first determination of the SEO problems you are having.
  • Once we have determined your needs, you will be sent a short list of questions to help us prepare the report, like the major keyword phrases that seem reasonable to you.
  • When we have read through your answers, we will do some research on the keywords you suggest; we will also use our other resources to look for new keywords and research competitors.
  • We then meet with you by phone to work out your choices.
  • The report will be completed within 5 business days once you have made your keyword choices; a copy of the report will be sent to you by email. Also, copies of the report will be provided in a secure area of the website for pickup.
  • After you have read through the report, we will talk with you by phone and answer any questions you might have.
  • Payment is requested once you have received your report.

Typical Table of Contents:

Site Description:

  • Your Strengths and Best Practices
  • Content To Leverage For SEO

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • Overview - Top Priorities
  • Best keyword choices for you
  • Online advertisement and keyword analysis
Page-by-Page Plan for SEO
  • Homepage
  • Product Pages
  • Navigation pages
  • About Us
  • Contact
  • More
Problem Details (why making the changes will help)

Cost: $395 [ Buy It ]

This is not an automated report; we will go to your site and apply our experience to help your site get the best rankings it can over the long term. All Website Evaluations are covered by our Website Challenge and our guarantee.

Are you already working with a web designer? Ask them if they have a search engine optimization professional on staff; if they don't, you should ask them to work with us to make sure your site meets known website best practices for search engine optimization.


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