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"I thought the appraisal was both detailed and fair. The service was outstanding, and I would recommend you to anyone needing such a service."
Corey Pulver, Owner, InsuranceQuest, LLC

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Website Appraisal

Are you thinking of buying an existing business, or perhaps selling your own? Do you know the value of the most important asset of an online business - the website itself?

You will feel more secure in negotiating if you get a professional website appraisal from You have our guarantee that all materials, including site performance and financial information, and the appraisal itself, are held in the strictest confidence (see our policy)..

  "I would recommend your appraisal service to anyone wanting a professional, realistic appraisal of their website."
John Brewer, Owner, Biblical Impressions


You need a website appraisal if

  • You intend to sell your business
  • You intend to buy an existing business
  • You need to prove to the government that you own an asset
  • You want to make sure your business is fully insured
  • You are looking for investors in your business
  • You are seeking additional capital for your business from banking institutions
  • You need to depreciate your website asset over time.

What is a website appraisal?

You may not have thought about it, but your website is an asset (ask your accountant - he or she will probably refer to it as an "intangible asset"). Since it is an asset, it can be assigned a valuation. We do the legwork needed to ensure an objective assessment of the value of your website.

Our website appraisal is comprehensive - the report typically runs about 25 pages in length. Some of the elements we examine are:

  • The usability of your site (we use three competitor sites that you name as a comparison)
  • The e-business sophistication of the site and the organization behind it
  • The cost of creating the site, using standard rates for html and program coding, as well as graphics
  • The brand value (what is sometimes referred to as the "goodwill") of the site
  • The current subscriber base (trend information)
  • The unique visitors to the site (trend information)
  • The value of your domain name.

The appraisal is presented to you in the form of an Adobe pdf file in your Web Success Center on our website. The professional format, and close attention paid to every element on your site (both the public website and any administrative pages you may have), will give you the backing you need as you proceed with selling your site (or negotiations to purchase a site).

Although we do not provide samples of the appraisal report, we would be glad to go over the contents with you. Contact us and we will mail you a table of contents, or call our toll-free number. Also, read our testimonials; our customers have been very satisfied with their appraisals.

Get a website appraisal

Click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page; due to the substantial work involved, our website appraisals start at $395 (many appraisals can be done for this amount). Since the amount of work varies depending on the size of the website (websites vary from several dozen pages to tens of thousands), we will need to look at your site and quote you a price for an appraisal.

Important note: Customers should be aware that there are, at present, no commonly accepted rules or standards that govern the content of website or domain name appraisals. People who appraise websites or domain names are not licensed; there is no regulatory agency that oversees the licensure or performance of people who appraise websites or domain names.

For this reason, our practice in providing an appraisal is to put all the numbers that are used out on the table. That way, you (and potential purchasers or investors in the company) have the opportunity to see how the appraisal value was reached.


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